The Body Shop Japan Fund Adopted DFP’s Program Plan in 2018

Diamonds for Peace (DFP) will develop many programs to alleviate artisanal diamond miners and diggers poverty by introducing fair-trade diamond principles internationally. Our plan of developing and conducting experimentally the first program, the team building training program has been accepted and awarded by The Body Shop Japan Fund.

The aim of this program is to support artisanal miners and diggers who suffer from poverty and the exploitation of human rights in acting as a team and increasing solidarity so that they can improve their incomes and living conditions. We will first develop the program and provide it experimentally to a village in Liberia later this year. We will then review the program conducted. Finally, we will compete the program after introducing the improved program in another village. We will report the outcome on the website, Facebook or newsletters.

The Body Shop Japan Fund (Japanese):

We need supporters and corporate members to promote activities for self-reliance support for the artisanal diamond diggers and miners in Liberia and educational activities targeting consumers.

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