We would like to introduce our corporate members as follows:

Blue Diamond Members

Monnickendam Diamonds
London, U.K.

Monnickendam’s long trading history provides an exceptionally rich and varied source of experience to draw upon, and has given us the time to develop and establish a core set of fundamental values and ethics. Tradition has its place in a progressive business and we do cherish this greatly in whatever we do at Monnickendam. Nonetheless, Monnickendam, like time, never stops. We always remain alert and responsive to modern challenges and develop innovative approaches to the diamond market and techniques in diamond cutting and polishing.

Yellow Diamond Members

SUNJEWELS Private Limited.
Mumbai, India

Sunjewels is a leading producer of fine jewellery working with retailers and designer brands worldwide since 1985. It is a family run business employing over 900 people across multiple facilities in Mumbai and Jaipur. We are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and the World Economic Forum recognizes us as a Global Growth Company. The company is constantly at the forefront of innovation in product, techniques, as well as management and human resource systems, including the practice of daily yoga since the past fifteen years! We are committed towards the highest possible levels of quality and delivery, our primary goal is to meet with our clients’ expectations and provide a personalized level of service.

Ingle & Rhode
London, U.K.

Our story began in 2006, when David Rhode was looking for an engagement ring but couldn’t find a jeweller who could tell him where their diamonds had come from, or the conditions under which their jewellery was produced. The more he looked into the industry, the more compromises he discovered he was being asked to make. From blood diamonds, to dirty gold, to sweatshops and child labour. Together David and his friend Tim Ingle launched Ingle & Rhode in 2007 to offer an ethical alternative to the traditional luxury brands.

Torrice, Italy

The idea of the secret meaning is at the core of all I make. Since my philosophy studies, my work has always been about mystery and discovery. In the efforts of building a straight line between my inner world and designs, I tripped over a question: were the materials we were using as fair and authentic as the meaning they would have preserved? Beautiful esthetic should come along beautiful ethic. We began questioning our suppliers and learning more about the dynamics behind gold, pearls and gems. Since then, we introduced Fairtrade Gold in Italy and continue to look for the fairest precious materials.

Peace Diamond (Tarzan Ltd) https://tarzan-ltd.com  (under construction)

Okayama, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

The strength of Tokyo Pearl is that, as an importer of diamonds, it is closely connected to diamond markets around the world, such as India, Belgium and Israel, in addition to being a pearl manufacturer. We also operate our own polishing factory in Bangkok. In accordance with fair trade rules, we supply jewelers and retailers in both the domestic and international market with natural diamonds from various locations, sourced from suppliers who can be trusted for their traceability.

Tokyo, Japan

BRILLIANCE+, established in 2006, is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that mainly deals in bridal jewelry. Our greatest strength is our own business model, which directly links our trading system with domestic and overseas diamond suppliers. We handle diamonds of various quality, and the quantity is one of the largest in Japan. You can check the quality of our diamonds, try on ring designs, and experience the world view of the brand in our showrooms in Japan.

W. E. Clark & Son
East Sussex, U.K.

A family jewellery business established for over 200 years, and in the same family since 1919. Based in East Sussex, England. We are retailers fine jewellery and watches.

Gemmological Certification Services (GCS)
London, U.K.

Gemmological Certification Services (or GCS) is an independent gemmological laboratory specialising in identification and certification of diamonds, gemstones and pearls. We work in collaboration with Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France. We are the UK’s leading gem lab for origin determination of coloured gemstones; identification of synthetic coloured gemstones and lab grown diamonds; differentiating natural and cultured pearls; and detecting clarity enhancement and heat treatment of sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond.

RING jewellers
Brighton, U.K.

RING jewellers is a bespoke jewellery boutique based in The Lanes in Brighton. We specialise in designing & making Diamond engagement rings & wedding rings.
choose a stone – choose a setting – choose a metal – choose a finish – choose…..RING jewellers

White Diamond Members

Tokyo, Japan

Timeless jewelry to be passed on for generations.
Designer MIO HARUTAKA executes this line with her special devotion and wish to deliver her world-view.

Vantyghem Diamonds
Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada

We are an independent family run diamond wholesale business. Almost 50 years in the diamond trade supporting independent retail jewellers. We work hard to establish proper diamond supply chains. We have our own authentication system for sourcing responsibly mined, ethically sourced, individually verified and professionally graded diamonds. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. It’s also the core of our successful business partnerships. Through prompt and efficient service, we honour our commitments to you. We provide consistency of products and service, while striving for excellence in every interaction we have.

San Francisco, U.S.A.

D’Amadeo is a diamond and colored stone wholesaler focused on antique, post-consumer recycled and known-source gemstones. Through volunteer efforts with organizations including the Jewelry Glossary Project, Ethical Metalsmiths and the Jewelry Industry Summit, we are hoping to help create a more transparent, equitable, and sustainable jewelry materials supply chain.



[Note] The above introductions are provided by each corporate member. Thus Diamonds for Peace do not guarantee the contents. Should you have any questions, please contact the above companies directly.