We would like to introduce our corporate members as follows:

Yellow Diamond Members

SUNJEWELS Private Limited.
Mumbai, India

Sunjewels is a leading producer of fine jewellery working with retailers and designer brands worldwide since 1985. It is a family run business employing over 900 people across multiple facilities in Mumbai and Jaipur. We are a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and the World Economic Forum recognizes us as a Global Growth Company. The company is constantly at the forefront of innovation in product, techniques, as well as management and human resource systems, including the practice of daily yoga since the past fifteen years! We are committed towards the highest possible levels of quality and delivery, our primary goal is to meet with our clients’ expectations and provide a personalized level of service.

White Diamond Members

Kyoto, Japan

1993 The company was established.
1997 We started selling online.
We aim to provide the products and services which excite both the presenter and receiver of the gift with the corporate philosophy that “we contribute to society by creating must-have products and services for our customers.”
Our main product is paired jewelry. We also develop jewelry with special coating for those who suffer from metallic allergies.
https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/e-housekiya/masscomm.htm (Japanese)


Torrice, Italy

The idea of the secret meaning is at the core of all I make. Since my philosophy studies, my work has always been about mystery and discovery. In the efforts of building a straight line between my inner world and designs, I tripped over a question: were the materials we were using as fair and authentic as the meaning they would have preserved? Beautiful esthetic should come along beautiful ethic. We began questioning our suppliers and learning more about the dynamics behind gold, pearls and gems. Since then, we introduced Fairtrade Gold in Italy and continue to look for the fairest precious materials.

R Ethical
Tokyo, Japan

R Ethical is a minimalist & Timeless Jewelry brand from Nakameguro, Tokyo.
R Ethical specializes in using the gorgeous light and luster of K18YG and colored gem stones,
“We take pride in delivering jewelry to a dignified person, based on the concept of “Free, Strong, and Gentle”.
R Ethical uses high-quality materials sourced ethically from the earth such as Fairminded Gold ‘K18YG’ stones, recycled platinum, and Canadian diamonds.
Also, for a sustainable future, R Ethical creates charity jewelry by collaborating with international NGO and non-profit organizations.