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Diamonds for Peace (DFP) promotes beekeeping activities to provide additional income for artisanal diamond miners and diggers in Liberia.

Since 2020, DFP has been supporting these beekeeping activities in Weasua, Liberia, a community where a DFP pilot project is already established. Approximately 120 beehives have been set up in the forest near the Lofa Mano National Park, and 30 people are currently engaged in beekeeping while also mining diamonds. In the summer of 2022, they harvested their honey for the first time.

Beekeeping activities not only help diamond miners and diggers increase their income, but also help to protect forests, as rich forests are essential for beekeeping activities. DFP also supports environmental protection activities in addition to beekeeping.

We are looking for “Honey Supporters” to expand these important activities in Weasua.

A Honey Supporter will “own” a beehive for one year and the supporter’s name will be placed on the hive.

Are you interested in becoming an owner of a beehive and promoting beekeeping activities for miners and diggers in Weasua?

Closing date for 2023 Honey Supporter application: December 5, 2022

2021 Honey supporter USD200 per hive

How to become a honey supporter

Please fill out the Honey Supporter Application Form at the bottom of this page. DFP will email you the Paypal invoice for credit card payment in December. 

How your donation will help

・Cost of purchasing materials for making and installing beehives
・Cost of maintaining beehives
・Cost of training and monitoring by beekeeping instructors and DFP

Benefits of a honey supporter

・Ownership of a beehive for one year (January to December 2023)
・Placing your name tag to a beehive
・Receiving a photo of the beehive with your name tag
・Receiving a bottle of Liberia Pure Honey (150g)
・Receiving a DFP newsletter “The Journey” (once or twice per year)

*In addition to your own name, you can use your family member’s name, company name, or any words of your choice on the name tag. (Within 25 characters)
*Since it takes time to commercialize and export honey from Weasua, we will send you “Liberia Pure Honey”, the most popular honey in Liberia.
*Liberia Pure Honey will be delivered to you in January or February, and the other benefits will be delivered in May or later 2023.

Beekeeping Activities Progress to Date

In cooperation with the Universal Outreach Foundation, an NGO that has been training people on beekeeping for many years in Liberia, a basic beekeeping training was held in September 2020 in Weasua, a DFP project community. A total of 70 people participated in the training, including artisanal diamond miners and diggers, members of a women’s group, and community leaders. The training was conducted according to the level of the participants, including a refresher training, a practical training, and an observation trip to beekeepers in other area of Liberia.

Participants of the beekeeping training
Participants of the beekeeping training

Participants learned how to make beehives.

Participants using a saw to make a beehive
Participants using a saw to make a beehive
Rubbing beeswax and lemongrass scent on the beehives to attract honeybees
Rubbing beeswax and lemongrass scent on the beehives to attract honeybees

Every week, training participants go out to the forest where the beehives have been placed for maintenance.

Bees start to make honeycombs
Bees start to make honeycombs
Checking a bee comb
Checking a bee comb

The first honey was harvested in August 2022.

Taking honeycombs out of the beehive
Taking honeycombs out of the beehive
Harvested honeycombs
Harvested honeycombs
Tasting of first honey produced in Weasua
Tasting of first honey produced in Weasua


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