Theory of Change

The Supply Chain of the Artisanally Mined Diamonds

The simplified supply chain of the artisanally mined diamonds is described above. We observed and studied parts of the supply chain and came up with the theories of change shown below.

Theory of Change 1

Theory of Change 1 targets the upstream of the supply chain. The gray boxes explain the current conditions of the artisanal diamond mining communities in Liberia, the chain of poverty and its effects. We are planning to conduct various activities such as supporting the establishment of cooperatives shown in orange to break the chain and stop exploitation. As a result, a more beneficial cycle shown under “Change” in the red boxes can be realized.

Theory of Change 2

Theory of Change 2 targets the downstream of the supply chain. The gray boxes explain how diamond consumers currently do not frequently ask retailers about product provenance and mining practices related questions. The absence of questioning, generally caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the consumer, in turn gives retailers and manufacturers no incentive to change the current practices of selling diamonds from unknown origins. DFP has been conducting many activities to raise consumers’ awareness and encourage them to ask questions when purchasing diamond jewelry. We hope that the retailers and manufacturers will sell more responsibly mined diamonds in response to the customers’ increased demand for jewelry made with responsibly sourced diamonds.


Diamonds for Peace has been working to create a sustainable supply chain of artisanally mined diamonds. We strive to have positive impact in the diamond supply chain from upstream to downstream. Through the various projects involving stakeholders at different stages of the supply chain, we hope to see the below impacts.

  • Production and circulation of “fair diamonds” that are mined, cut and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations
  • Development of a system to trace “Fair Diamonds” from the mines to the consumers
  • Improvement in the lives of the people in diamond mining communities and diamond cutting and polishing factories
  • “4C+F (Fairness)” becoming the new criteria to evaluate the value of diamonds