Lecture at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo “Sustainable Supply Chain of Diamonds to be Constructed by ALL”

  Chie Murakami, founder and director general of Diamonds for Peace (DFP) delivered a lecture titled “Sustainable Supply Chain of Diamonds to be Constructed by ALL” at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo on 10 January 2019. She started by saying that the engagement ring presented by her husband-to-be jolted her…

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The Body Shop Japan Fund Adopted DFP’s Program Plan in 2018

Diamonds for Peace (DFP) will develop many programs to alleviate artisanal diamond miners and diggers poverty by introducing fair-trade diamond principles internationally. Our plan of developing and conducting experimentally the first program, the team building training program has been accepted and awarded by The Body Shop Japan Fund. The aim…

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A Survey Report on the Awareness of Japanese Consumers and Diamond Retail Companies Released!

The board members and volunteers of Diamonds for Peace worked on a survey on the awareness of Japanese consumers and diamond retail companies on the issues of diamonds. The English version of the report is released. The purpose of the survey is to discover the level of understanding of the…

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Newsletter “The Journey” vol.1 published!

Greetings! Diamonds for Peace (DFP) will publish the newsletter “The Journey” biannually to share the latest information, progress, plan and challenges with its supporters. I’m pleased to announce that we have just published vol.1. The title “The Journey” has two meanings for us. The first is the journey of our…

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