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Support Diamonds for Peace

Diamonds for Peace (DFP) strives to create a world where diamonds are mined, cut, and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations. We support artisanal diamond workers by helping them gain financial autonomy through education and training among other activities. DFP also encourages the diamond industry and diamond consumers to make ethical and responsible decisions for producing, selling and purchasing diamonds.

In April 2022, as part of our support for the artisanal diamond mining communities in Liberia, we implemented a training program to improve their knowledge of the basics of rough diamond grading and valuation.

“I had no idea that diamonds would be processed and turn to be expensive jewelry.” -Victoria
“I thought inside diamonds was water.” -Morris
“I didn’t know red diamonds were rarer. I was selling them for almost nothing. I feel like fainting now….”- Mariama

Surprisingly enough, most artisanal diamond miners and diggers who participated in the training did not know the “value of diamonds”. However, such knowledge is essential for negotiating fair prices.

“I learned to understand how people calculate the price of diamonds.” -Victoria et al.
“Now I can negotiate fair prices with supporters/brokers.” -Mariama et al.

They became more hopeful about their future after the training.

Estimates are that around a 100,000 artisanal miners and diggers in Liberia are equally as unaware of diamond values.
With your support, DFP can provide crucial knowledge to more diamond miners and diggers in Liberia so they can earn what they deserve from their hard labor. Would you join us as supporters and help us make a change together?

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How to become a Supporter

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If you live outside U.S.A., please fill out the Supporter Application Form at the bottom of this page. DFP will email you the Paypal invoice for credit card payment after receiving the form. 

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You can make a tax-deductible donation by donating through Empowerment Works, our fiscal sponsor in the U.S. Please pay and fill out your information at this page.

How your donation will help

Your donation will help implement important activities such as:

・ Promoting self-reliance of the artisanal diamond miners, diggers, and women in Liberia (e.g. capacity development training, coaching and monitoring for mining cooperatives)

・Awareness raising, targeting consumers, jewelers, and other stakeholders in the industry (e.g. holding events, workshops, and lectures, developing awareness tools)

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 Supporters will Receive

・DFP Official Tabloid Newsletter “The Journey” (once or twice per year)
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Messages from Corporate Members and a Sponsor

Melanie St. James, Co-Founder, Empowerment Works

Diamonds for Peace is one of the leading models, doing what this sector can do best –  finding what is broken and bridging the gaps to create equity, transparency, and justice.

Mio Harutaka, Jewelry Designer

As a jewelry designer dealing with diamonds, I have had conflicted feelings as I know the toil of laborers and environmental issues associated with diamonds.
I have believed that it is the miners and manufacturers who make natural diamonds shine, and its brilliance gives its owner a sense of richness that will be passed on to future generations. Connecting producers and consumers and being responsible for the inheritance of human wealth should be the mission of the jewelry industry.
I decided to take actions with one step at a time, both as a company and as a designer. I would like to think carefully so that all the people related to my business will be happy and nature will be protected.

Mari Hoshi, CEO, R Jewels Japan Ltd.

Diamond jewelry lasting for a lifetime is a  symbol of love, and it will be fostered as a memory over time. I believe that diamond jewelry represents the most beautiful human sensitivity and creativity.
That’s why I support Diamonds for Peace in the hope that the mining process will be transparent and accountable with consideration of human rights and the natural environment.

 Messages from Supporters

Jessie Cowley/ Marcus Cowley (U.S.A.)

When my 7-year-old son learned about the children being forced to work in diamond mines, he was very sad and worried for their safety. He wants to do something to help. We searched for a charity that helps those children. Diamonds for Peace is the only one we could find that is trying to improve the situation in those countries, so he is giving his own money for his donation. We pray that the work you are doing will be fruitful and that children will be able to be liberated from forced labor.

Supporter NinaNina (Netherlands)

My job has nearly nothing to do with the jewelry industry: I have worked in a corporate environment in Amsterdam since 2019, and my job is mostly related to anti-money laundering and sanctions. But when you work for some time in a very wealthy industry, you start wondering where that wealth comes from, and what its true cost is.

Most of the time we can imagine the answers, but we struggle finding an alternative or an effective way to support a change.

Supporting DFP is my way to be part of that change: a real, concrete change, that operates by giving mining workers fair conditions, and that might hopefully expand to enrich Liberia and other African countries that still struggle in getting benefits from their own resources.

I got to know DFP through Mara Bragaglia, the first person that I heard speaking about fair trade gold and gems, and I immediately decided to support the project.

My hope is that people will become conscious that a change for the better is possible, and that one day trading jewelry with fair conditions will simply be the common market practice. It will take time, but I put enough faith in people to believe in this vision.

Masayoshi Ito (Japan)

I was aware of issues associated with “conflict diamonds” from books and movies, but hadn’t taken any action to address them. Later, when I visited developing countries in Africa and met people who were working to solve the problems, I realized that the world was connected. I support Diamonds for Peace for taking concrete measures.

Yasuo Sumita (Japan)

“Diamonds for Peace.” For a moment, I wondered what it meant. The more I understand the passion and people behind the name, the more I realize that it’s a beautiful name. I hope that the vision will be achieved and I will be able to embrace the sparkles and brilliance of diamonds from the bottom of my heart.


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