Diamonds for Peace (DFP) is an NGO in Japan. DFP started its activity as a voluntary group in May 2014 and got officially registered in Yokohama City as non profit organization under Japanese law on 20th March 2015. Diamonds for Peace Liberia was established as non profit organization under Liberian law on 28th October 2016 and then accredited as national NGO in April 2017.

By becoming a supporter, you can make a difference with DFP in the following fields:

1) Self Reliance Support for Artisanal Diamond Workers:

We are working in the western region of  Liberia to alleviate the artisanal miners’ and diggers’ poverty by introducing fair trade principles. We conducted the situation analysis, started working with an artisanal diamond mining community, and developed and conducted the team building training program for the miners, diggers and community members as the first training in 2019. We have been supporting the mining cooperative in our partner community to run and manage the cooperative responsively.

2) Advocacy:

We conduct researches on the issues of diamond industry to let the world hear the voices of unheard and the issues which need to be addressed. We conduct the campaigns to  bring the international pressure so that the industry or the government change its policy for improvement in the diamond industry.

3) Emergency Assistance:

We provide emergency assistance to people in its targeted country when a disaster or epidemic affects them. We provided assistance between 2014 and 2016 to Liberia greatly affected by Ebola Virus Disease. We are currently providing assistance to vulnerable people in Liberia. Please check this page for details.

An artisanal diamond digger in Liberia dives into the river and grabs the river bed soil. He keeps doing this all day, trying to find a diamond.

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  • 0.5 carat supporter: USD 5 per month
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  • 3 carat supporter: USD 30 per month
  • Silver supporter: USD 30 annually, single payment
  • Gold supporter: USD 50 annually, single payment
  • Platinum supporter: USD 100 annually, single payment
  • Diamond supporter: USD 300 annually, single payment
  • One time supporter (a): USD 10
  • One time supporter (b): Your preferred amount
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You can make a tax-deductible donation if you are a resident or a company in the U.S. by donating us through Empowerment Works, our fiscal sponsor in the U.S. Please click here to donate if you’d like to take this option.

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