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(Abstract) About Diamonds for Peace


A world in which diamonds are mined, cut and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations


1. To improve the working conditions and social status of the workers in the diamond supply chain.

2. To promote ethics and fairness in the diamond industry

A Solution? Blockchain technology

A Solution? Blockchain technology

Over the last few years, “blockchain” has been a buzz word in the world. People in Japan tend to think it as crypto currency like Bitcoin only. However, the blockchain is useful in many ways. What is blockchain technology? “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that…

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  • The Volunteer

    “Diamonds for Peace was founded by one diamond consumer living far away from the diamond mines who wanted to make a difference. I am thrilled to help this organization grow and share their message.”

    Megan Wiseley, NY, USA
  • The Corporate Member

    “I am so happy to support Diamonds for Peace and can’t wait to share with the world what you are doing!”

    Mara Bragaglia, Jewelry Maker, Maraismara, Italy