Sourced with Love Campaign

What is the campaign about?

Diamonds for Peace (DFP) is working towards a world in which diamonds are mined, cut, and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations. Such considerations are not given to the vast majority of diamonds circulated in current markets. In order to improve this situation, it is important for consumers who have the biggest voice in the jewelry industry to make ethical decisions when buying a diamond.

The first step is awareness of where the diamonds come from. We define a diamond sourced with love as a diamond which is traceable and conflict-free (see FAQ below).

By celebrating the stories of those who already have jewelry made with natural diamonds sourced with love, we aim to raise the awareness both among consumers and in the jewelry industry, and to further promote diamonds sourced with love. Please join us!

Stories of people who have natural diamonds sourced with love

Story 1. Masashi’s Story (Japan)

“My partner and I had decided we were ready to get married and I asked what kind of ring she would like? She said to me that she did not want an engagement ring with a diamond.

I was surprised by this, so I asked her why? She said that she did not want a diamond which could not be traced to the origin in her ring and she was afraid this would be difficult to find.

After knowing the reason, I was determined to present her a diamond which is traceable and guaranteed.

I looked for information and also sought advices from a jeweler and learned about pink diamonds. Among the pink diamonds, those from the Argyle mine in Australia are traceable and controlled by the mine.

I bought a pink diamond that was sourced from the Australian Argyle mine as a surprise, and proposed to her by saying that “I desperately looked for a way to get one. I would appreciate it if you could accept one”

I presented her something with shape (the pink diamond) and we connected with something shapeless(love).”

Country/Mine of Origin: Australia /Argyle Diamond Mine
Brand/Designer: Paix Chouette, Japan

Story 2. Tomone’s Story (Japan)

“I had wanted to have earrings with diamonds. Because I knew the issues surrounding diamonds, I wanted to have diamonds free from those issues. I also had a feeling that I wanted to choose diamonds with known origin of source so that I can wear them for a long time without feeling guilty. I bought earrings with Australian diamonds for my birthday. I love them for the minimalistic design that I can wear anytime, any place. I hope to pass them onto my daughter in the future with my story.”

Country/Mine of Origin: Australia /Argyle Diamond Mine

Story 3. Mayo’s Story (Japan, Colombia)

“When we got engaged, I expressed my opinion about the engagement ring and my husband agreed that it should be free of conflict minerals. When my husband chose the design of the ring and purchased it, he asked the clerk to confirm that the diamond was not a conflict mineral. After the purchase, we went to the store together to receive the certificate and confirmed that it was not a conflict diamond.”

Country of Origin: Canada
Brand/DesignerHarry Winston

Would you like to share your story?

If you have a natural diamond sourced with love, we would like you to share your story and photo and/or video with us via the form (click here). The first 50 people will receive special gifts (wine bags) from Diamonds for Peace! Your stories will be uploaded to this campaign page and related SNS and may be used for campaign videos to be published towards the end of the campaign.

Please note that the gifts will be shipped from Japan and delivery may be delayed because of COVID-19.

Please include the following information in your story.

  1. Occasion in which you purchased or received the diamond (e.g. given as an engagement ring, a 10-year anniversary gift, bought it as a reward for yourself).
  2. Reason the giver chose the particular diamond among many available options
  3. How you were assured that your diamond was sourced with love
  4. Country of origin of your diamond
  5. Designer/brand name of the diamond jewelry
  6. Photo or video of yourself (and your partner, etc. with a sign “My DIAMOND is Sourced with LOVE.” If your native language is not English, you can add the translation in your language and “#sourcedwithlove” at the bottom. You can download the signs at the end of this page (click here).

To those in jewelry industry

We would like you to join the campaign by asking your customers who bought jewelry with natural diamonds sourced with love to share their stories/testimonies with us. Submitted stories/testimonies will be posted on this page and on our SNS with your brand/designer’s info.

We will also create a section of brand/designers/distributors to introduce those who sell or make the jewelry with natural diamonds sourced with love. We will confirm the information submitted and indicate “evidence submitted” when we introduce you.

To participate in the campaign, please fill out the the form (please click here).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Is a recycled or refurbished diamond considered a diamond sourced with love even if the country of origin is not identified?

A1. It would be best if the country of origin is traced, but even if not, a recycled or refurbished diamond is considered a diamond sourced with love because such diamonds are not causing other human rights violations or environmental damage by being mined anew.

Q2. Is the definition of “diamonds sourced with love” different from that described in the DFP brochure?

A2. DFP’s ultimate definition of “diamonds sourced with love” contain the following criteria listed below. However, diamonds that meet all these criteria are almost non-existent for now. This campaign therefore focuses on i and ii to ensure that at least the country of origin is traced and that diamonds are conflict and terrorism-free.

i. Diamonds traceable from mine to customers
ii. Conflict and terrorism-free diamonds
iii. Diamonds mined and cut with safe and responsible labor practices
iv. Diamonds minimizing environmental damage during the mining, cutting and manufacturing processes
v. Diamonds that respect the rights of people and communities

If you have a question/comment/feedback, please email us to: info[at]

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This campaign is supported by Panasonic NPO Support Fund.