2024 International Women’s Day and DFP

Today on International Women’s Day, Diamonds for Peace would like to thank all of the women involved in our projects, as well as our volunteers, and supporters. We greatly appreciate their efforts and passion to change the artisanal diamond mining industry. We would also like to thank the men involved in our work as women can shine with their support.

Chie Murakami photo

We are thrilled to share an article that was published in The New York Times on March 7th featuring our founder, Chie Murakami, and Diamonds for Peace, “Looking beyond Diamonds and Money“. With all of the DFP management being women and 90% of our volunteers also female, we are proud to celebrate the invaluable contributions of women to our cause. The article is also published in the printed international edition on March 8th.

Saskia Shutt and DFP team

Diamonds for Peace has been featured in an insightful article on The Source, Ethical Metalsmiths’ blog, written by Saskia Shutt.

The article “Superstition: an Uphill Battle for Diamonds for Peace” delves into our ongoing efforts to combat superstition surrounding diamond mining as well as highlighting our commitment to promoting transparency and ethical practices in the diamond industry. Check it out to learn more about our journey towards a more responsible diamond trade.

artisanal diamond mining in Liberia photo

Finally but not the least, Beth West has written an article “Artisanal Diamond Mining: Addressing the Knowledge Gap” for Gems & Gemology in 2023 Winter Edition.

In countries where artisanal mining is prevalent, miners often have knowledge on the materials they mine. However, this is not the case for artisanal diamond miners in Liberia. In the article Beth discusses the knowledge asymmetry and the project she worked with to address the gap.


Diamonds for Peace has started working in a second community in Liberia, Camp Alpha, and is planning to start working in a third community Gbarma soon.

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