Discussions about Artisanal Diamond Mining

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The artisanal and small-scale diamond mining (ASDM) industry accounts for roughly 20% of the total global diamond production. As more and more large-scale diamond mines are closing, ASDM will play an important role in the diamond industry in the very near future.

What do you think of when it comes to artisanal diamond mining and the workers who mine the diamonds?
Artisanal diamond miners in Africa live in isolated societies from the rest of the world because they do not have access to the internet and they believe in traditional, sometimes superstition -based information, which is probably beyond your imagination.

At this informative event, Caelen Burand, a diamond mining specialist, and Chie Murakami, the founder of the NGO Diamonds for Peace, will discuss the reality, challenges, and the way forward for artisanal diamond mining in Liberia where Diamonds for Peace is active in several diamond mining related projects.

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[Event Details]

== This is an in-person event (no zoom) ==

Date: January 29th 2024, Monday
Event: 5pm – 6:30 pm (Venue opens at 4:45pm)
Venue: S215 in ENR2 building, University of Arizona
1064 E Lowell St, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA
Admission: Free
Inquiry: please email to info[at]diamondsforpeace.org

map for the venue and parking
Map for the Venue and Parking Garage

[Tentative Program]

5:00 – 5:10pm Introduction
5:10 – 5:40pm “Myths in Artisanal Diamond Mining” by Caelen Burand
5:40 – 5:45pm Q&A
5:45 – 6:15pm “Diamonds for Peace Projects in Liberia” by Chie Murakami
6:15 – 6:20pm Q&A
6:20 – 6:30pm Networking


Caelen Burand

Caelen Burand is an ambitious mining engineer and geologist studying at the University of Arizona currently working as a mining consultant and as Interim ESG Program Manager for the University of Arizona’s School of Mining and Mineral Resources. As a striving polymath enthusiastic about responsible resourcing, Caelen has worked within mineral resources since he first got experience as an underground miner at the age of 16. Since then, he has had varied experiences as a founder, non-profit director, geologist and engineer within diverse organizations like Young Mining Professionals, Nevada Gold Mines, Cholla Lapidary, and the Last Chance Mine. He has a strong passion for professional mining and works with non-profits, NGO’s, governments, and others to improve the practices of artisanal and small-scale miners. During his free time, Caelen enjoys taking care of his dogs, hosting the Our Resources podcast, and getting temporarily lost while exploring the natural world.

Chie Murakami

After getting her master’s degree in international development at George Washington University, Chie has worked in Haiti, Laos, and Kenya in the field of international development. She also has experience in the private sector in Japan.

Chie was shocked to learn of the many problems and abuses in the diamond industry after she received an engagement ring in 2007. Because of this she founded Diamonds for Peace in 2014 after visiting Liberia where she learned first hand how diamonds are actually mined. Chie currently directs all the projects and activities implemented by the organization and travels to Liberia frequently. Chie enjoys playing tennis during her free time.

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