A Survey Report on the Awareness of Japanese Consumers and Diamond Retail Companies Released!

The board members and volunteers of Diamonds for Peace worked on a survey on the awareness of Japanese consumers and diamond retail companies on the issues of diamonds. The English version of the report is released.

The purpose of the survey is to discover the level of understanding of the issues surrounding diamond mining by Japanese consumers and diamond retail companies. Our goal is to use the information collected to improve the awareness raising activities we implement.

We conducted the survey using the methods below.

  1. The survey targeting consumers:
    • Questionnaire survey through an online research company.
  2. The survey targeting diamond retail companies:
    • Questionnaire survey; and
    • Mystery shopping survey at the diamond jewelry shops

We will conduct this kind of informational survey periodically to observe the level of the awareness by consumers and companies/brands in the diamond industry.

You can download the report:
English Version Final_2017 Awareness Survey Eng

To download the Japanese version, please visit the URL below: