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The Reality of Inadequate Healthcare: One Liberian Pregnant Woman’s Story

Hello, I am Chie, the Founder of Diamonds for Peace. As I have been deeply involved with international development work for the past 20 years, I had come to accept the standard of living in many African countries, without much thought about how extraordinary the absence of basic healthcare must…

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Workshop on the Basics of Responsible Diamond Mining

From December 11-15, 2022, DFP conducted a 5-day workshop on the basics of responsible diamond mining with a mining specialist, Caelen Burand, from the United States. The purpose of the workshop was to help miners and diggers understand how to carry out simple exploration for efficient mining, as well as…

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Empowering African Diamond Mining Communities for a More Responsible Supply Chain

Diamonds for Peace in collaboration with International Peace Information Service (IPIS) and Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC) will hold a joint event on June 21st (Wed) in Antwerp. The panelists will share the realities of artisanal diamond mining communities and views on how to include artisanal miners for a…

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