The Event Report on Talking Session with MIO HARUTAKA

On 16th October 2020, Chie Murakami, the founder of Diamonds for Peace (DFP),  talked about DFP during a presentation with MIO HARUTAKA, a jewelry designer, held in a Japanese style café in Tokyo.

At this session, MIO talked about why she has become conscious of the issues surrounding diamonds and about her own brand. Chie gave a presentation on the issues with regard to diamonds and an overview of the DFP project in Liberia.

From April 2020 MIO decided to donate part of her profits to DFP. She started the jewelry business 10 years before and became aware of the terrible working conditions of the artisanal diamond miners. As a person in the jewelry business, she became keen to redistribute the profit to the artisanal diamond miners, which is why she decided to support DFP. The donation which DFP received at this time was used to procure 150 planks to make beehives for the beekeeping project.

About 30 media participants joined the event.

Many participants asked questions after the presentation. This shows p they were ignited to think more about the sustainability of the jewelry business.

With MIO’s support DFP continues to assist  artisanal diamond miners and diggers in Liberia to become self-reliant and to develop the transparency of the diamond supply chain.

Front photo: the discussion in progress (Photo by DFP)
MIO HARUTAKA (left) and Chie Murakami (right) (Photo by DFP)


Front photo: the discussion in progress  (Photo by DFP)