Event Report on the Charity Jazz Live at a traditional Japanese-style house

Now the hot summer is over and fall has finally arrived. Speaking of fall, there are various ways to enjoy it from seasonal good food, to sports to reading. In our case, we hosted a charity Jazz live at a traditional Japanese-style house situated in a back street of Kagurazaka, Tokyo, to enjoy the season through art more than anything else.

On September 15th, 2019, people of all ages from children to adults got together, despite the hot weather with the temperature over 30 degrees Celsius.

The first half of the event was an introduction of the activities of Diamonds for Peace including quiz sessions about diamonds and the issues. The latter half was the much-awaited Jazz live. We welcomed Rie Oguchi Duo. They entertained us with various genres of music including Disney music, well-known western music, and gospel arrangement as an encore, mixing the sounds of jazz vocal, the saxophone, the piano and the guitar. They were playing just one meter from the audience sitting in the front! It was a luxurious moment filled with their lively performance.

The Jazz live event attracted those who were not very familiar with our activities to join us at ease. We will continuously look for ways to link with more people in order to let them know what we do.

Exciting quiz sessions about diamonds and issues
Commemorative photo of Rie Oguchi Duo and DFP staffs after the event


Front photo: Rie Oguchi Duo by Rie Oguchi (Jazz vocal/Saxophone) and Reo Matsui (Piano/Guitar) (Photo by Diamonds for Peace)