Issues on Diamonds

Diamonds are the symbol of love and happiness

However, there are many issues behind diamonds.
Some diamonds are sold to finance the purchase of arms and add fuel to wars and conflicts…
Some mines are using child labor and forced labor…

With no other employment options, people are forced to work in mines for the extremely low wage of less than one dollar per day…

Mining activities destroy the environment and devastate the land…

All these issues are not in the past. They are currently happening now on the other side of the world.


What are the issues?

The issues related to diamonds are many and complex.

Issues on Diamonds
Vicious cycle

The underlying cause of most of the issues related to diamond mining is extreme poverty. Therefore DFP focuses on supporting the self-reliance of the workers.


Specific Issues

DFP has compiled articles on issues of diamonds. Please click the link to read.

Conflict Diamonds

Human Rights


More coming…