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Ask the Question “Where is the Diamond from?”

Did you know that the majority of gem diamonds are mined in Africa?
Some of these diamonds are still used to finance conflicts, the miners and diggers continue to be exploited, and often their children are forced to work at the mines because of extreme poverty.

How can we change this?

Some may think we should boycott diamonds.
However, boycotting diamonds will not help in our opinion.
That’s because diamond mining does provide income for the miners and diggers. Boycotting diamonds would put them in an even more difficult position.

You can change this by asking jewelers one simple question.
“Where is the diamond from?”

If enough people ask jewelers this question, then the jewelers will be prompted to ask the same to their suppliers, who then will ask the cutters, exporters, all the way down to the miners. There will be an incentive to market diamonds which are traceable to their origin. When this happens, it will become difficult for untraceable diamonds to be circulated in the marketplace.

The controversial issues surrounding diamond mining are not just about the traceability.
But traceability is a significant first step for reducing exploitation, child labor, violence, environmental degradation etc.


Because jewelers and their suppliers cannot know if a diamond comes from a mine or a cutting factory without transparency in the entire supply chain.

This fight starts with you, a conscious consumer.
You are not alone.
Together we can make a major difference.