Diamonds for Pece (DFP) is an NGO in Japan. DFP started its activity as a voluntary group in May 2014 and got officially registered in Yokohama City as non profit organization under Japanese law on 20th March 2015. Diamonds for Peace Liberia was established as non profit organization under Liberian law on 28th October 2016 and then accredited as national NGO in April 2017.

DFP is working toward the world in which diamonds are mined, cut, and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations.

By making donations, you can make differences with DFP in the following fields:

1) Advocacy:

DFP conducts researches on the issues of diamond industry to let the world hear the voices of unheard and the issues which need to be addressed. DFP conducts the campaigns to  bring the international pressure so that the industry or the government change its policy for improvement.

2) Self Reliance Support for Artisanal Diamond Workers:

DFP is planning to start its own project in Liberia to alleviate the artisanal miners’ and diggers’ poverty by introducing fair trade principles. DFP conducted the situation analysis and shortlisted the targeted communities. DFP is now collecting more information about each shortlisted community to understand the current situation and to select the targeted community for the project.

You can download “Situation Analysis of the Artisanal Diamond Mining in the Western Region of Liberia” : http://eng.diamondsforpeace.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/DFP_Situation-Analysis_Liberia_201709_compressed.pdf

3) Emergency Assistance:

DFP provides emergency assistance to people in its targeted country when a disaster or epidemic affects them. DFP has provided assistance between 2014 and 2015 to Liberia greatly affected by Ebola Virus Disease.

An artisanal diamond digger in Liberia dives into the river and grabs the river bed soil. He keeps doing this all day, trying to find a diamond.

Support DFP Today:

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a) Diamond Supporter (JPY 30,000 annually, about USD 250*)

b) Platinum Supporter (JPY 10,000 annually, about USD 80*)

c) Gold Supporter (JPY 5,000 annually, about USD40*)

d) Silver Supporter (JPY 3,000 annually, about USD 25*)

e) One Time Gift (USD 100 – 750)

Donating Options

f) One Time Gift (USD 1,000 – 7,500)

Donating Options

By supporting DFP, you will receive the online newsletters and the annual report. Diamond and Platinum supporters will be invited to events for a reduced price.

Diamonds for Peace is not a tax exempt organization.

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Material Donations:

You can donate the following items to DFP if you reside in Japan. Please bring them to one of DFP events.

a) Foreign currencies (notes only)

b) Broken or unnecessary diamond, gold or platinum jewelries.

c) Used mobile phones or smart phones.


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